Perfect Isnt True

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Perfect isn't true.I would not want to live in the society from The Giver.There are just so abounding conditions that yields away stuff that is amusing, but at the same time it also cuts away freedom and enjoyment. People would not want to live in a place like that. I would not want to live in the society because everything is the same.
“We’ve never completely mastered sameness.” (Lowry 90). I feel like it's necessary to continue to be different, so people can know what it's like to take in the feelings.Such as, “Reminder that all strings ought to be reported in order for treatment to take place”( Lowry 36).This states that it isn't fair considering other people might still want stirrings like Jonas.However, it states in the book...“ Until you enter the house of (aged)” (Lowry 37).Why do people need to enter the house of the (aged), maybe people want to stay at their house.
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“I’ve thought of a way to help you with the concept of color”. (Lowry 91).The society will continue to be extremely dull.The book states,“Because it’s a memory from the time when color was.” (Lowry 90).People can’t experience color too, and the color shows emotions too.“I’m going to give you a memory of a rainbow” (Lowry 91).This states that People can’t experience having a rainbow, which takes away further pleasant memories and accepts conditions. I would not want to live in the society thanks to the elderly chiefs who assigned the people a job, not people choose their own job. “Jonas has been selected” (Lowry 57).People might want to obtain a job they actually want.“We gave you the assignment” (Lowry 53).Notwithstanding people may hate the job they have, which means other people might want to be released which makes that person mad and other people so in reality, it isn't perfect society.“Isaac has given the assignment” (Lowry 51).People who obtain assigned jobs may ask to endure to be
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