Performance Appraisal in an Nhs Hospital.

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Redman, T. et al.,2000.Performance Appraisal in an NHS hospital.Human Resource Management Journal, 10(1), 48-62 In this paper it will be argued that performance appraisal in National Health Service hospital is effective from the perspective of appraises. Author of the article used a case study of performance appraisal practice in a Trust Hospital. The argument will be developed through a critical review of ‘performance appraisal in NHS Hospital’ article, discussing its conceptual bases, research methods, main findings and practical implications. Generally, in this paper author tries to examine the effectiveness of performance appraisal in a public sector context. In the first section of the article author reviews the development of…show more content…
This two-way communication between employee and supervisor help tracks progress of appraises and is used as a tool for rewards or punishments. Final step of performance appraisal is performance evaluating. There are two important aspect of that step. Those are impact of the performance rating and trust it the supervisor correct assessment of an appraise. The trust, as mentioned by Elicker et al. (2006) and Kavangh, P. et al. (2007) in supervisor judgment is particularly important as it is connected with fair and accurate appraisal process and can be undermined by on-going conflicts within the company. Another issue that have been identified in the literature (Oh and Lewis, 2009 and Ducharme et al., 2005) and which is in line with findings of Redman et al. (2000) is performance appraisal for intrinsically motivated employees. In mentioned papers it was identified that employees in public sector; NHS in case of Redman et al. (2000) and federal workforce in work by Oh and Lewis (2009), were more interested in intrinsic rather than extrinsic rewards for performance. In fact, extrinsic rewards that are strictly connected with financial benefits for increased performance can be demotivating intrinsic motivated employees, who are more focus on self-development, training and promotion in the ranks of a company. What they additionally point out is the fact that intrinsic motivators are
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