Performance Management System For Every Organization

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Introduction Performance management is an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout the year. This is done to accomplish the strategic goal of the organization. I deal with performance management on a daily basis with my staff. What I try to get across to them is that I want to look out for their well-being and help elevate them to the next level that I know they are capable of. In order for this process to be effective, supervisors must not be afraid to provide strong, truthful feedback to the employee. Typical Process First, the organization needs to define what the purpose of the performance process will be for them. Will the process determine only…show more content…
Performance evaluation is important. Team leaders and staff need to meet regularly to go over the progress. Organizations tend to do this semi-annually, as a team leader myself; I prefer to give my team monthly evaluations. Finally, there is performance reviews. My organization provides the official reviews twice a year. I provide my team with monthly reviews. When it is time for the six and twelve month reviews, it is just a recap of what we have been discussing all year, when it comes time for raises and bonus, I do not want there to be any surprises. Develop/Implement In order to develop and implement a good performance management process, employees must know what is expected from them at all times. Policies should be written and given to the staff so they know what they should be doing. Once they have been told and have a written reminder, it is the supervisor’s job to coach toward these goals day in and day out. From my experience, everyone wants to have some sort of success in the workplace. Employees know that their success is directly connected to their pay increase. At The Harford Insurance group, they have monthly metrics in adhering to their daily schedules, the call quality scores, productivity; how many customers are they reaching. The benchmark percentages are known and the leadership team and staff work together to find ways to achieve these goals. Six Competencies The six competencies
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