Cipd Performance Managerment - Executive Briefing Note

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Performance Management


This document will outline the new Performance Management System. This briefing note will explain what a performance management system is, the main components of a good performance management system, the link between motivation and performance as well as other information regarding performance management.

What is Performance Management?

Performance Management is a tool to ensure that line managers effectively manage and develop their employees in-line with organisational objectives and goals.

Performance management is a method for line managers to communicate with their employees informing them:

• what is expected of the employee

• how the employee will be rewarded

• how the …show more content…

The feedback should be open and transparent and include any training and development needs that may have been identified.

Though there are only 2 performance reviews a year performance should be managed on a day to day basis so that the employee has a chance to improve their performance before the next review. This also informs the employee if they are meeting/exceeding the expected levels of performance.

How does motivation affect performance?

An employees performance will depend on a number of factors – skill, knowledge, competence, aptitude, attitude and behaviours amongst other. Motivation is important as the level of motivation an employee has will determine how these factors are applied. Each employee will be motivated differently and is affected by a change by a range of variables. Motivation is fluid and will change throughout an employees life.

If an employee is highly motivated they will perform higher and if they perform higher this may lead to a sense of achievement and a higher motivation.

Whilst a lot of employees are motivated develop and perform better, there are some employees who are not. These employees tend to do just enough to keep anyone from noticing them. This is the area where performance management falls down and it is up to the manager to find ways to motivate

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