Pericles : The Life And Life Of Pericles

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Pericles was born in Athens, Greece in approximately 495 BCE. Because of his family’s wealth and nobility Pericles was able to pursue education. He had access to some of the best teachers. He enjoyed studying, politics, music, philosophy and ethics. He became the leader of Athens in 461 BCE until he died. Pericles died of the plague in 429 BCE in Athens, Greece. His father, Xanthippus, was a politician and a popular general. His mother, Agariste, was a member of the Alcmaeonidae noble family who were known to be very powerful and controversial. Pericles had three sons. His first two were from his first wife, ho he later divorced. They were called Paralus and Xanthippus, however the name of their mother is unknown. His third son was with Aspasia of Miletus. His son was called Pericles the Younger
He was a prominent statesman, skilled public speaker and military general known as a Greek Strategos. His role as Strategos was to lead the Greece politicly and in war.
Pericles believed in democracy, he believed the lower classes should have the right to an education as the higher classes. He thought every Athenian should be educated in poetry, art, music and philosophy. Pericles believed in improving and strengthening Athens as a whole city state rather than making individuals powerful. “My own opinion is that when the whole State is on the right course it is a better thing for each separate individual than when private interests are satisfied but the State as a whole is going down

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