Persepolis: A Script on the Iran War Essay

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Persepolis is a graphic memoir of Marjane Satrapi. The book has received multiple accolades and citations for its realistic and well-written script as well as its commitment against totalitarianism. Satrapi writes (and draws) of her life during the war between Iran and Iraq. It has both literal and symbolic meanings hidden among the drawings, as it also shows the hardships she faced in other countries and even, at times, in her home country of Iran. It helps to show the past and somewhat present views of Iranians and others about Iran, it’s leaders, the war, and the corruption of the Iranian government. Satrapi uses symbolism, anecdotes, and a strong motif of the unfair treatment and view of Iranians to help create a deep, true, …show more content…

This symbolism and connection of previous events and pages happens very often in Persepolis, and this is what gives the reader something much deeper to really think about while reading the book. It helps to put the reader in Marji’s shoes.

Anecdotes are also a major literary device used in Marjane Satrapi’s graphic memoir Persepolis. These personal stories give the story more depth captivate the reader. Many side stories that are relevant to the current situation are included, as are characters that the book could have been fine without. However, it is the mentioning of these occurrences that shows the true story. A good example of an anecdote would be her story of Niloufar, the 18-year-old communist who was hiding with Khosro (an acquaintance of her father’s who was going to make a passport for Marji’s dying Uncle Taher). Satrapi didn’t have to mention her, but chose to discuss how she was forced to hide in Khosro’s basement because she was a communist. It’s only a short story, but it carries power. In 3 pages, Satrapi both introduces and kills Niloufar. It shows how harsh the regime was and how horrible they were. It also shows how quick things could go from fine to terrible in an instant. The whole story about Uncle Taher shows how restrictive the regime was and how hard it was to be safe in Iran at that time. Her

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