Persepolis Book Analysis

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The title of the graphic novel I choose to read during the summer is called Persepolis. Persepolis follows the life of Marjane Satrapi as she lives in revolutionary Iran. The plot of the story is Marjane’s growth and development as a free minded woman in a close minded country that is trying to restrict her freedom to be proud as a woman. Marjane’s life is best portrayed through the use of splash panels and pages, captions, and open panels.
Splash panels are used to highlight a major event in the book that contributes to Marjane’s development. The use of a splash panel on the last page of “The Dowry”, where Marjane’s father is shown carrying her mother out of the airport indicates how unhappy they were to see her daughter leaving. Marjane’s parents, like many others in Iran, wanted her to have a good life where she didn’t need to worry about restrictions or getting killed so they sent her away to Austria to continue her education. This is a turning point in Marjane’s life because it is the start of her independence and a new life. Another example is when Marjane and her family are on a trip to Italy and Spain and they are shown flying on a magic carpet through Spanish art and culture. This is a very important event because it shows her family together and happy. It is the last happiness they will have together for a really long time and it is the last time they are free of any restrictions. Their lives drastically change after their trip because Iran is officially at war

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