Persepolis Essay

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As a child, an individual is an unchangeable person, but through experience and growing up, it is learned that said individual will in fact change. Marjane Satrapi presents the topic of coming of age in her graphic novel, The Complete Persepolis, which takes place in Iran during the revolution in the late 1970’s and beyond. The memoir recounts and reflects Marjane’s life during this trying time. Although there are many key events in Marjane’s life that affect her, uncle Anoosh’s general presence in her life, the revolution and her homelessness are the most prominent events to be noted.
Uncle Anoosh is a dark humored character whom Marjane looks up to and cherishes. When she first heard about his achievements such as when he sided with his …show more content…

As an adult, Marjane does not mind the head scarf and believes that someone should be able to wear a head scarf only if they want to and vice versa. During the war, the Iraqi’s bomb the neighborhood Marjane lives in, luckily it did not hit her house, however, it hit her neighbor’s home. Marjane questions her mother, whether they were home or not, but the questions are dodged. As Marjane and her mother are walking out she spots her neighbors favorite bracelet and recalls, “No scream in the world could have relieved my suffering and anger.” (142) This is a traumatic situation, for anyone. Marjane comes home from a shopping trip to her neighborhood in shambles and realizes that she sees her friend’s favorite bracelet outside of the rubble. The realization that her friend was killed would be terrifying for a young girl. The traumatic aftermath of both the revolution and the war has left a massive scar on Iran’s people, Marjane understands that life continues and thrives
“For almost a month, I lived at this rhythm: the night prostrate and the day letting myself be carried across Vienna by sleep and the tramway.” (238) All her life she has a roof over her head, but now she must adjust to the fact that she has no job and no money. Although, she could call her parents, Marjane is young and believes that she is grown up so she does not need to depend upon people. One day, Marjane gets sick after being

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