Personal And Professional Accountability And Opportunities For Advancement

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Regardless of what career a person holds, there will always be personal/professional accountability and opportunities for advancement. The nursing profession is a unique field that evolves based on evidence-based practice as well as advances in medicine and technology. As such, the nursing profession requires nurses to not only stay up to date about latest practices but also advance themselves. One way that nurses stay current is by continuing to pursue advance degrees and certificates through education and taking on higher positions in their profession. Finally, nurses must be accountable for their actions both personally and personally in order to protect their patient’s privacy and health. For example, if a nurse makes a medication error and reports it there is an increased chance of preventing harm and/or death of a patient. In the following essay the writer will reflect on her personal and professional accountability as well as what her career goals are for the future.
Personal and professional accountability is very important in nursing because it ensures that nurses are providing safe and efficient patient care. Some personal strengths that this writer possess are caring attitude and having work-life balance. A few professional accountabilities that this writer possess is good time management, not being prejudice towards co-workers and/or patients and being conscious of financial cost of wasted resources. For example, not taking unnecessary material and/or linens

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