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For the culminating activity, I was placed in the selling department. In this department, we created a schedule so each person would have 2-3 shifts for the 4 days during lunch. We planned so there would be 3 people for each shift, first half and second half of lunch. My shifts were on Wednesday first half and Thursday second half. My role in the selling department is to arrive on time to sell the yo-yo fro-yo popsicles, create posters, set up the stand and to handle all the money during selling time. I helped out with creating the posters around the stand so we can attract more customers and the customers can know what we are selling and the prices. I was friendly and was able to create a positive environment so the customers would want …show more content…

Part of our department and I stayed after school to finish the poster so it would be ready when we start selling. I’ve showcased that I am independent because I don’t have to be told what to do and I am fine doing things on my own. I have shown this throughout the selling process, I don't need to be told and reminded when to go for my shifts. When we are selling we don't need much guidance on what to do but we have only a few check ups. When we were selling we know exactly what to do, whether it's setting up, counting money and recording and checking the amount of money.

The student that I think best-demonstrated entrepreneurship skills is Nicole Kelly. She demonstrated entrepreneurship skills like research, management and relationships skills. Her research skills were shown when she proposed this product in the presentations. She completed all the research necessary from different sources to make this product successful like the production, accounting, marketing, etc. She used theses information and applied it to this company. As you’ve seen right from the start she had all the production materials for the production department. Nicole’s management skills were displayed throughout the selling process for example she plans, organizes, directs and take control. The planning was completed through the presentations. Nicole organized everyone into each department and told them their jobs and roles. She encourages people to stay on task and helps them stay focused and she

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