D2 unit 44

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Whilst on my level 3 course I completed work experience at Rainbow Nursery and St Anns Primary School (Nursery/Year One).

During my first few weeks at my placement at St Anns, I worked with year 1 pupils and nursery pupils. My role at the nursery was to help the children with their school work and supervise them during lessons and breaks, as well as tidying the classroom. My time at St Anns improved my effectiveness as a career in three ways. It taught me how to behave around children. When I first started working at St Anns, I was still incredibly shy and was not sure how to interact with the children but through observing the permanent staff there. I learnt that you should always try to be happy around them, you cannot bring any …show more content…

I helped them remember there little lines and commanded them to be quiet and focus when they started to lose interest. I also helped staff at Rainbow make the costumes of the characters for the play by helping them cut out the materials and sew them. This was a successful activity as the staff were thankful for my help and by working as a team we got the task done quickly and efficiently. This activity also helped me

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