Personal Attributes of a Good Teacher

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Jaaziel A. Sumayo January 9, 2012
BEE II The Teaching Profession
Activity #4

The 12 Personal Attributes of a Good Teacher

We can divide the countless qualities we expect in a "good" teacher into two main categories: professional skills related to his subjects and to his job as teacher, and personal qualities as a man. These two types of qualities are not separated; together, they combine a unit called "a good teacher". A teacher with many personal qualities and no professional qualifications is not a teacher. Old handed teachers are not "good" teachers unless they have some specific characteristics that we always look for. Actually, no one can be comfortable when talking with a teacher who is bad-tempered all the
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Like everybody else, teachers make mistakes. Everybody in the world has ever done mistakes. Students and teachers are human so mistakes can occur. A good teacher should change opinion that teachers are always correct. The proud teachers can recognize their mistakes and apologize for student for misbehavior. Unfortunately, some teachers think that their authority in the classroom can be undermined by these mistakes and they try to let them go unnoticed or cover over them quickly. Students quite obviously have a different opinion. They are fully aware of the times when teachers make mistakes, especially when they somehow suffer from them. Teachers who recognize their mistakes and apologize for them when they affect the students provide an excellent model to give students, and a great way to be remembered as a favorite teacher. 7. Flexibility, creativity and resourcefulness. With the onslaught of standardized testing and curriculum this might be getting harder, but it is still very important. Regardless of discipline, creativity is paramount. Sure, one can be a good teacher by taking prepackaged material and efficiently transmitting it, but you can’t be a great one. To be a great teacher, one has to be ready to develop custom, creative lesson plans and projects. One has to have an arsenal of techniques. One needs to be a problem-solver. Many of our students remembered unusual