Personal Communication Styles Paper

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Good communication is key to having successful personal and professional relationships. In some situations it can be necessary to adjust communication styles in order to communicate more successfully (B. Reece & Reece, 2017). In this journal entry I will discuss the dominance, and sociability scales, as well as my own personal communication style.
When looking at my coworkers the person that I think of that is most dominant is Lisa. A person who is considered high on the dominance scale “gives advice freely and frequently initiate demands. They are more assertive and tend to seek control over others.” (B. Reece & Reece, 2017, p. 54). At times, because of where she falls on the dominance chart, she can come across as being bossy or demanding. This can make it difficult to communicate effectively with her. On the other side of the dominance scale, is my coworker Kelli. Unlike those that tend to rate high on the dominance scale, those with low dominance are more restrained and tend to be followers (B. Reece & Reece, 2017). This creates a barrier to interpersonal relationships when she is given the responsibility of being in charge of the other nurses. She has a difficult time delegating …show more content…

Reece & Reece, 2017). My coworker Amy has many of these characteristics. Amy is very talkative and open about her personal life. This can be a barrier to interpersonal relationships because sometimes she can revel too much of her personal life, which in a professional setting can come across as inappropriate. Those considered low on the sociability scale tend to be “reserved and formal in social relationships” (B. Reece & Reece, 2017, p.57). One of the doctors that I work with tends to be very serious, reserved, and does not engage in personal conversations. This can make him come across as unfriendly and cold, which makes him difficult to communicate

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