Personal Conflicts In Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

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Have conflicts with others ever changed how you feel about yourself? In 1915, Franz Kafka published the novella, Metamorphosis. He included many personal connections that can be seen throughout the character of Gregor Samsa. Equivalent to Gregor and his family situation, Kafka’s family had health issues, which led to the overwhelming self doubt that enveloped him (Kafka background). Consequently, Kafka could not focus on himself and what was best for him, leading to his own health issues. Due to the unfortunate relationship that Gregor shares with his father, he possessed many conflicts within himself. These conflicts include personal health issues and also issues with others. His conflicts can be seen when he transforms from a human into a vermin, when he starts to become distant from his family and lose the connections he once had, and when he begins to stop eating. In the beginning of the novella, Gregor undergoes a transformation that will change his life forever. Many readers view him transforming into a beetle because of the way Kafka describes Gregor. Kafka may have been undergoing a transformation of his own. He dealt with many issues growing up such as self doubt, complications with his father, and health issues that occurred later on in his life (Kafka background). Similar to Kafka, Gregor deals with issues with his father and within himself and begins to feel less and less like himself as the novella continues. Gregor awakes from his sleep to ask himself, “What’s

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