Personal Conflicts In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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I, Genesis Alvarado, certify that I have personally completed this assignment based on my own personal efforts. I understand if I use outside sources, I must properly give my source(s) credit using the APA format and my paper should not include more than 20% of direct quotes from other sources. I understand if I do not provide proper credit to outside sources, I will be documented for plagiarism and be required to resubmit a new assignment. I will not divulge the content of this assignment or any of my work, generally or specifically, to any current or future James Madison High School students. DATE: 08/17/17 Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare has resonated with people throughout the years because of how the play portrays the power of love, and how it’s power is willing to go against all odds. The theme of this story is about how love triumphs over hate to bring the Montague’s and the Capulet in unity. There are other characters in the play that are involved with Romeo and Juliet’s romance, who helped them, be together despite the amount of hatred their families had for one another. One of those characters is Friar Lawrence; he married Romeo and Juliet in secret, although he was well aware of how opposed their families would be of their marriage. He also gave Juliet the idea to fake her own death, to be with Romeo after he was exiled from Verona. Friar Lawrence had a lot to do with Romeo and Juliet’s powerful love and how in the end their love would affect their

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