Personal Essay : A Tale Of Two Graves

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A Tale of Two Graves

It was cold. As I walked up towards the white house, I noticed this because hedges on the driveway were frozen with ice. The visible fog that surrounded the farmhouse let in ghostly light, which hit the world the way a flashlight beam would hit the inside of a darkened room if water were it’s medium. One would say the air was smudged, as it blurred the vision so. The shadows, so blurred and so faded, contrasted well with the off-white sides of the old house. The paint had been peeling for quite some time without repair and created monstrous, long shadows on the wall in this sunrise. My stomach rumbled as I walked; I had forgotten my lunch. It was early in the morning, early enough for the mosquitos to stay hidden but …show more content…

It was a gum wrapper. I looked up into the porch, where several supercilious conversations could be heard. It was one of those background noises you don’t detect until you see it, not so much a rarity to me because I had come from New York City, where many-a sound tried to interrupt my day. I’d grown used to them. Inside the porch stood about a score of people. Men and women, they have all dressed the same: A long coat, much was the style back then, with dress pants and a matching hat to tie. Some were standing or talking to another, while most of them sat down on one of the white benches aligning the walls of the porch. I started towards the steps that led towards the porch. Before I reached the first step, however, I happened to glance sideways towards the lawn. Now, usually my gut instinct, woven into my work and my intellect leads me right on track. However, the gut instinct that accompanied me on every case beforehand hadn’t made its presence known yet. I grew an uneasy feeling in the back of my chest. Promising myself I would be able to split if anything went awry, I focused my eyes on the light hitting the object I was looking at. Between the rays of the gloomy sun and the dreary fog, an oak tree stood tall. No leaves grew on this colossal structure yet, as it happened to be in the late winter season. Fortunately, snow was nowhere to be found. The very presence of the crystallized ice made me uncomfortable. However, the lack of

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