Personal Essay : Moving Into A New House

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It only seemed like yesterday that there was only a Playstation 2 in my room; the only console I had up until recently. I have my room to sleep in, as well as my older brother having his own room to sleep in. But before, this wasn't the case. Before moving into a new house, my family had always lived in a house that was no bigger than an apartment room. Of course, it technically wasn't an apartment since there were only two living rooms in that house. During our time living in that house, my brother and I would have fun like normal kids would at this time, playing video games or hanging out with friends. But by the time I was in third grade, my family moved to a bigger house and that's when specific events start to change.

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Turning in work the old fashion way was to turn every assignment in via paper, or occasionally in middle school via the Dropbox on school loop. Turning assignments online back in middle school, when the idea seemed to new was a mess to figure out for the first time. Essays and labs had to be turned in to the Dropbox and figuring out how to turn in assignments was a hassle, but I was able to manage to turn them in even with a barely functional computer.

When middle school finished, I never saw any of my friends barring one friend who I had kept in contact with, but not anymore. none of them went to the high school I went to because when I found this out before middle school ended, I didn't want to believe it at first since going to middle school for the first time, some of my elementary schools' friends did go to the same school I did. I eventually accepted that I'm going through high school without them, and I made some new friends here.

Moving to a different home, moving up several grade levels, went to a couple of different schools, and making completely new friends isn't the only thing I've seen that completely changed. I still remember the old phones in the early 2000's before the iPhone came. My mom used to own a small phone that only had the dial pad and could only call. Over the next few years, she swapped to a fancier phone that allowed her to text other people, then my brother got his own phone that was

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