Personal Essay: Spy School

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This Book was amazing I can't believe that I could fall in love with a book. Spy school is the best book I have ever ready. Knowing there is more books to this series makes my happy I can continue readying this amazing adventure Ben goes on to become a great spy. This book was an action and romance novel that real escalated really good to find out who was the double agent. Benjamin Ripley the main character also known as Smokescreen. He was recruited to come to Spy School also known as St. Smithen's science academy for boys and girls. Ben comes home from school one day to find a man in a tuxedo sitting on his couch. Alexander Hale the legendary came to get Ben because of his level 16 math skills. When they arrived to campus they find out that the school was over ruined by…show more content…
Chip wanting Ben to hack the school mainframe to change his grades and in return being best friends with him. When they are about to head to the office to go hack the mainframe, Chip gets electrocuted by the knob on the door and then he unconsciously falls to the ground. Murray who just electrocuted Chip brings Ben to the Mess Hall, to talk about how Spy School sucks. Murray then calls Ben a Flemming, some who comes to spy school thinking there going to become James Bond. Murray goes on to crushing Ben's dreams about Spy School telling him that everyone has a very little chance of success except Erica Hale. Then Murray shows that he wants to purposefully fail Spy School so he he could get a desk job so he could have less work, and a less chance dying. That night an assassin broke into his room asking questions about Pinwheel, and Ben tries to mislead the assassin plus Ben doesn't even know what he is talking about. He is able to get hold of his tennis racket to injure the assassin and runs out the door to alert people. The one that comes out and helps him was Tina Cuevo. After that night this leads to the search for the
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