Bridge Of Spies Essay

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In the land of cinema, often times the words “inspired by true events” will be flashed upon the screen before diving into a film that covers a historical event. General audiences are led to believe that is a common precursor to movies in this genre, but really it is a way in which screenplay-writers and directors cop out of the stress of being exacting when it comes to the historical accuracy of the piece. The U-2 plane incident and the events that transpired afterwards made up a devastating time in american history, yet paved the path for new protocols when dealing with nations in which we are at odds with. Bridge of Spies is a masterful film in which these events take place, and while it does cover the gargantuan array of information, there…show more content…
Thanks to his tenacity towards defending Abel in court, James Donovan was approached by the CIA to be an arbitrator in a prisoner swap. The details were simple; Abel for Powers. However, as Donovan looked into the details of the prisoners in the USSR and East Berlin, he caught word of a young, american economics student who was recently taken prisoner. By the film’s interpretation, Fredric Pryor was in East Berlin on the very day the Berlin Wall was being constructed. In an effort to harbor his professor and the professor’s daughter over to West Berlin, Pryor gets wrapped up at the new demarcation, and is taken into the custody of the German Democratic Republic. In a recent interview with Fredric, he denounced this series of events, stating that he “was in Denmark on Vacation” (Dougherty 1). Once again, the movies events are altered ever so slightly in order to fit a more captivating story line. On top of this obvious misconstrued storyline, Fredric also “said parts of [Bridge of Spies] were inaccurate” (Dougherty 2). This statement is only up to a fault, yet this is the most damning evidence presented that shows the movie is not a perfect representation. The man who lived through the actual arrests, heartaches, and prisoner swap, mentions the film is not what it could
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