Personal Experience: A Live Opera

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Speaking of watching a live opera, I had two extremely different experiences. Before taking this course, I have never watched a live opera in person. When I went to New York City during the spring break, I watched Prince Igor in the Metropolitan Opera House. And at the end of March, I watched The Magic Flute produced by the Music School of UM in the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre. It is apparent that the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre is not as magnificent as the Metropolitan Opera House in regard to construction. However, when it comes to listening experience, surprisingly, the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre outstands the Metropolitan Opera. Because opera singers and the orchestra don’t use microphone devices, sitting in a smaller theater enables me to hear the music more clearly. I can also feel the presence of the orchestra team and the orchestra compliments the singing well. And what’s more, it’s important to me that I can see the actions and facial expressions of the singers, which draws me into the plots. Compared to this, watching a show in the Metropolitan Opera House is less engaging no matter how many people it can contain. I felt I was watching opera on a small TV screen from a remote place and I couldn’t feel the power the sound. It could be that the plots of opera itself can make a difference. Prince Igor is historical opera that doesn’t have too many stage effects. The Magic Flute is a romantic fairytale and a comedy, which is more relatable for me. The story of The

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