The 39 Steps

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The 39 Steps Response Paper
The 39 Steps is the first play that I saw from the School of Arts and Sciences at Ohio University. It was adapted from the novel written by John Buchan and the 1935 film by Hitchcock. The story is about an English man named Richard Hannay, who is plunged into international espionage after meeting a beautiful Russian woman spy in a theatre. After she tells her secrets and mentions the 39 steps to Hannay, she gets injured and finally dies in his house. He is charged with the crime of murder, so he runs away but at the same time tries to find the Professor and the meaning of the 39 steps. On his journey, he stays in a shepherd’s cottage and the wife of shepherd helps him escape. Then he meets a woman named Pamela.
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When he first tells the truth, the milkman just thinks it is only a joke. The actor who portrays milkman was shaking his head and having a smile with distain. In order to overcome this obstacle (milkman does not believe in him) and achieve his objectives (gets the uniform and runs away), he chooses to tell the milkman a fake love story about run away couples, which is more acceptable to ordinary people and easier to provoke sympathy. He pulled the milkman to his side, lowered his voice and acted like he trusts him. The milkman’s facial expression changed and seemed to believe this story immediately. “Oh no!” The actor had sorrowful looks on his face to show that he has empathy for Hannay. “Here you go! Here you go!” I remember he repeated this line for several times. Then he quickly took off his white uniform and gave it right away. Hannay looked surprised at first and gave the milkman some money in the pocket of the uniform to show his gratefulness for the help. In the end, when the milkman realized that the money was his money, he felt cheated and exaggeratedly shouted, “Oh!! It is MY money! He gave me MY money!” The performance created a comedic execution.
Watching a stage play in person is very helpful for me to leverage what I learned in class and from readings. I think I am a more responsive audience now. Not only I can enjoy the story itself, but also the acting styles of different

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