Personal Experience In High School

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Anyone that believes high school is the best four years of your life is grossly misinformed. That would mean the highlight of our lives consists of puberty, standardized testing, and awkward conversations. It’s a constant battle for respect from peers that believe themselves better than others. Regardless of our role in the hierarchical atmosphere, a large portion of high school students get sucked into the whirlwind of spirit and pride. I know I did. How could we not? We spend our friday nights freezing at sporting events to support our friends, our family, and our high school: the only identifying piece of information fellow Missouri residents will ask us about for decades. I’ve been out of high school for less than two years, but the most commonly asked questions among new friends and coworkers still remains: where did you go to high school? Personally, I attended Parkway South. I never planned to go back to high school but a service learning opportunity presented itself and I took an unexpected path.
In high school my friends and I used to show our school spirit through our favorite things: hockey and yelling. Being part of the ice hockey cheerleading squad drastically affected my life at Parkway South. I became friends with women that I hope to have in my life for the next several decades. My fellow cheerleaders made me strong and helped me grow both physically and emotionally. One friend from the team is actually coaching the girls this year, and she needs my help.

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