Personal Experience: My Enthusiasm for Hydrology

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I. What I Know My enthusiasm for hydrology began when I worked with a hydrologist as a student in the NASA Girls summer program. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Every Thursday for five weeks my mentor, Miss Aimee Teaby, and I would do something related to STEM. For example, the one week we would performed a science activity such as extracting DNA from spinach, and the next week we would do something related to technology, and so on. During these meetings, Miss Aimee and I would discuss what her job was as a hydrologist. She told me about how she was working at Yellowstone and the geysers. During one experiment, she explained to me that when ocean water changes PH, she saw that the ecosystem changed because fish died and animals and people can not eat them. This got me interested in hydrology, and over the weeks I asked her a plethora of questions about what her profession was about. I am very excited about this search because I want to learn more about what she does. I do not know a lot about hydrology, but I do know some facts. I understand that it is the study of the movement and distribution of water, and that the hydrologists study the hydrologic cycle. I also know they can do things that could possibly assist the ecosystem. Hydrologists can invent different ways to transport water to other places, as well as ways to conserve water. I have found that hydrologists need a comprehensive understanding of water resources in

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