Personal Experience: My Experience As A Clinical Assistant

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To date, I have completed 202 clinical hours. I have spent the last couple weeks trying to arrange clinical time with specialists. Despite speaking face to face with the doctors who said they would be happy to precept me, this has proven to be quite challenging. I have reached out a few times to the hematology/ oncology office, and I cannot get the preceptor agreement form. I have physically went to the office, but just missed the office manager. Also, I have sent several emails. I do not think I am going to continue to pursue this. It is too late in the semester, and I do not want to come off as overbearing or pushy. However, I did receive back the preceptor agreement for from the pulmonology office. Unfortunately, FAU does not have a contract …show more content…

When I auscultated her lungs, she was having some wheezing and she reported some shortness of breath. She does have a history of asthma, but it has been pretty well controlled. However, she ran out her medications such as Singular and Symbicort. She had been trying to ration her medications because her place of employment is shutting down and she will be losing her insurance. She asked for refills of all of her medications and requested for generic medications, if possible. She was very concerned about not only the cost of her medications, but also her financial future. Because of this, I provided her with a sample of Symbicort, and a prescription saving card to help her afford a necessary medication. I was able to demonstrate comportment by “actively engage in ethical, legal, political, cultural, global, and socioeconomic issues in providing safe and accountable primary care for common conditions” (Harvey, 2017). This example is a socioeconomic issue that many patients face as a reality. Many people are on a fixed income and medications are not always cheap. Nevertheless, it is extremely important for patients with chronic health conditions to continue to take their maintenance medications. If cost is an issue, healthcare providers should attempt to help the patient by either providing samples and savings cards, or, if possible, finding an alternative that would be more feasible for the

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