Personal Experiences Of Homelessness

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Homelessness, as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, is when a living arrangement is in a dwelling that is inadequate. The person chosen for this interview lives in India, where poverty and homelessness rates are drastically higher than majority of other countries. The interviewee had experienced poverty throughout the early stages of his life and because of increasing financial struggles his family was at risk of losing their house. He shared his personal experiences regarding homelessness, having been in the situation briefly himself. In later years, he started working in a bank where he interacted with many people in similar situations to him as in the past, hence he was able to share not only his, but also other people’s experiences.…show more content…
His father was the only one with a fixed income, and even then, the family struggled because the money they had was only sufficient to provide basic needs for a few family members. The interviewee and his brothers had small jobs which helped provide for the whole family. After reaching a point where it was becoming increasingly difficult to even cover basic costs, their house was sold so they would have enough money for food and water. The interviewee mentioned that homelessness was treated as a minor issue back then because the government did not consider people homeless if they had some sort of shelter. However, many people were living in tents, as did the interviewee’s family, and this was not considered as homelessness despite the living conditions being tough. Lack of access to education was said to be the main issue behind his struggles. There were limited opportunities for anyone without certain levels of qualifications and the interviewee’s family did not have the finances to provide schooling for all their children, hence it was even more difficult to avoid homelessness. The interviewee, being the eldest of all siblings, was provided with a complete education. Most of the family’s savings had gone towards his education and he continued studying through the time they were
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