Personal Identity : Two Factors That Affect My Identity

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Every person has an identity that is unique to them. If I had to describe who I am to somebody that has never met me I would say that I am a queer nineteen-year old in recovery. This does not tell the person every part of myself. They could not know what my personality is like or how I was raised. However, they have a better more exact understanding of me than a stranger at a bus stop would have. The factors that formed my identity affect my daily life, my future, and how I act in different environments.
Two factors have helped shape most of my identity. The first one is the program of Narcotics Anonymous and the second is the LGBTQ+ community. Entering recovery has helped me come to terms with other parts of my identity. Before I joined the program, I was aware that I was not straight. However, i assumed that I was bisexual because I knew I was attracted to both men and women. After joining the program, I became more aware of my sexuality and I concluded that I was attracted to a person regardless of their gender identity. The people I have met in the program taught me what my privilege means. They showed me how being white truly affects my day to day life, they showed me how being middle-class affects my day to day life, they also showed me how being cisgendered benefits me, and so on and so forth.
Many parts of my identity affect me on a daily basis. One thing I have observed is that people are more inclined to help me because I am white and female. For example, any
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