Personal Information On The World Wide Web

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The World Wide Web is a fabulous spot to research data for any topic that comes into mind. The Internet is a powerful invention that allows people to communicate, shop online, have entertainment, and explore the world. Although the Internet is being used for many valuable purposes, the services of the Internet raise a number of ethical issues, such as privacy issues in social networking sites. Today’s revolution in social communication involves security and confidentiality of data. Privacy is a valuable tool that humans need in order to protect themselves from privacy violations. These violations include data scraping, leaking personal data on Facebook apps, and online social tracking. Personal data can be utilized to influence online…show more content…
Yet, social media has changed our comprehension of relationships and personal information, making it difficult for online users to disclose their private data without being in risk, to identify whom to trust online without deception, to keep information secret without spying and hacking. Essentially, I don’t consider the Internet as a source of problems, whereas I see it as a source of benefits to humans. On the other hand, these benefits can only be fully recognized if the problems are solved. In what follows, I first develop one of the most important arguments in favor of privacy which is the protection from the misuse of personal information. There are numerous ways an online user can be hurt by the disclosure of sensitive individual data, such as medicinal records and mental tests. Second, I address the claim that privacy and trust affect online movement and the activity of online users on Facebook. Third, I address the subject of how personal data is misused through spying and hacking one’s secret online life. Then, I discuss some counter arguments that are relating to self-disclosure and trust online. Finally, I conclude that the Internet must be used with caution due to increasing security risks. Individuals can be hurt if there is no regulation on the free access to private data. The disclosure of such data can leave the subjects helpless against a lot of misuse. Enough data is required for appropriate
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