Personal Narrative: A Career As A Junior Class President

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My entire life I have loved to plan and execute events, being the Junior Class President and the Newspaper Editor have taught me the skills to not only work with others while planning an event, but truly care for people in every situation. My aspiration is to become a Marketing Manager for a company to promote and plan better ways to expand the business. I hope to achieve this goal by being accepted to a business school to major in Marketing and minor in Management and stay to obtain a Master’s Degree.
As the Junior Class President, I had to stay organized and aware of what the entire class wanted not just myself. The task of Prom was long and had many small details we as a class put attention to, this taught me how to be detail oriented by making sure the little things came out right, because without them an event is not as strong. Becoming focused on details expanded to becoming organized, when we were on a time crunch there was not a second left to spare. The only way to ensure a smooth planning process was
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My first year as Editor we changed to a new computer program which was completely new to everyone on the staff and our advisor, the first issue using the new program did not come out perfect, but we worked through the changes and by the end of the year it was a breeze. Leading an entire staff in a program that I was still trying to understand taught me how to be patient with myself and others that I am working with. I also learned being the leader is stressful, not every person under you is going to like your ideas, appreciate your hard work, or fully understand the need to finish before the deadlines. When this is present as a leader the only thing you can do is work through it and treat everyone equally while encouraging a staff to work for the same passion for the subject as you
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