Personal Narrative: A Career As A Mom

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Being a mom is the hardest yet most rewarding job I have ever had. The day I became a mother I gave up the privilege to sleep when I wanted to, go to the bathroom by myself, and eat without sharing. There are many sacrifices made but there are also rewards you cannot get anywhere else. One of the rewards of being a mom is being the audience to the funny things your kids say and do. Children are funny a good portion of the time including when they use their unique sense of humor, sometimes when they are doing things they shouldn’t, and often when they are not trying. Everyone has their own sense of humor and children are no exception. Watching your children develop theirs can is a great privilege. Recently Luke, my two year old, asked me where my dad was. Before I got a chance to answer Paul, my seven year old, said, “Probably dancing.” My…show more content…
Yesterday sitting in a room full of extended family Luke asked me a question. I was fairly certain I knew what he wanted but did hear his question. I looked at him and said, “I didn’t hear what you said. You need to talk louder.” To which Luke replied, “Huh?” So I repeated myself. Again Luke’s response was the same. Having heard me repeat myself twice Luke’s oldest brother loudly said, “She said she didn’t hear you, you have to talk louder.” We apparently finally got the message across because Luke looked at me with his big blue eyes took a deep breath and yelled “Huh?” just about at the top of his lungs. Every adult in the room burst into laughter. It was one of those moments when your child follows your question exactly but you weren’t specific enough and all you can do is laugh. The struggles of being a mom are definitely some of the most challenging. However witnessing the comical things that come with this very demanding job make it worth the hard work. Though being a mom is full of frustration, in the end, it is worth the
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