Personal Narrative: A Career In Sports

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She is running like the wind, a bead of sweat dripping from her face. Just a little bit longer until she reaches the finish line. Just a little bit. And she is there, the stand is erupting, shouting in glee. A new world record had just been set! This track and field star is none other than the Olympic gold medalist, Jackie Joyner-Kersee. A few years before, Babe Didrikson Zaharias sped past the same line of triumph. Both ladies are known for their talent in multiple sports. These ladies are thought to be two of the best athletes of all time, and are an inspiration for all young athletes.
Mildred Ella “Babe” Didrikson and Jacqueline Joyner came from big families with little money. When Didrikson was younger, her family called her “Baby.” “Baby”
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In high school, when both ladies played on their school’s basketball teams, Babe Didrikson captured the attention of Colonel Melvin J. McCombs. Coach McCombs, the coach of the Golden Cyclone Athletic Club of the Employers Casualty Company of Dallas, urged Didrikson to join the Golden Cyclone basketball team of the Amatuer Athletic Union. To play on the team, though, she had to be an employee of the company. Coach McCombs got Babe a job at the casualty company, where she earned a steady salary. Without thought, she sent some of her pay to her aforementioned “big family with little money.” While on the Golden Cyclones, she was a star player, and she earned the title All-American while playing with them. However, during Jackie Joyner-Kersee’s high school years, she received All-American selections. In addition, she won the first four Amatuer Athletic Union Pentathlon championships, first earning the National Junior title at age fourteen. Both athletes were undoubtedly known as stars in basketball and track in their early adulthood. Didrikson placed first in eight events and second in one at the Women’s AAU Track meet in 1931. The following year, at the AAU tryouts for the Olympic games, Didrikson won five out of the eight events and additionally set four world records in one day. Later in 1832, at the Los Angeles Olympics, Didrikson won two gold medals and set four world records. At around the same age, Joyner also qualified for the Olympic games in 1984. However, she had pulled a leg muscle that kept her from doing her best. She was still able to win a silver medal in the heptathlon event. A little later in life, Joyner became the first American woman to set a record in a multi event at the 1986 Goodwill Games in Moscow. Didrikson ventured into other sports and started playing golf in 1932. She won seventeen consecutive amatuer golf tournaments in 1934. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with colon cancer in
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