Personal Narrative: A Day At A Lake In Michigan

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It was a beautiful day at the lake, my family and I were renting a cottage for a week in July like we usually do every year in the summer. We go up to the Canadian lakes in Michigan (Canadian lakes is a chain of lakes in the middle of Michigan about two hours away from Saline.) It was our second day here and our first real day to go out on the lake and swim, kayak, go on the paddleboat, etc. It was a nice house that had a cabin feel and was made out of almost all wood. The house was right on the lake, and had a nice big lawn that was bright green. I had just woken up about half an hour ago and had just finished eating when Saige asked me a question. “Do you want to go on the paddle boat with me?” said Saige. “Sure, I just need to get ready.” I had …show more content…

“Yeah, I just don’t know if I can get back onto my kayak.” Jackson said struggling to get back up on his kayak. “Do you need help?” I asked Jackson, and then Saige and I paddled towards Jackson and his kayak. Once we got by his paddle boat, Jackson decided to get on our paddle boat because he couldn’t get on his kayak because it was very wobbly. “Do you want us to help you get on?” Saige asked. “I think I’m good,” Jackson said to us. After a few tries and Jackson still couldn’t get on we helped him try. The first time we tried to help him get up he still couldn’t and I thought I hope he can get up otherwise he going to have to have someone get him. But finally after a few tries and the teamwork of me, Saige and, Jackson all trying to get him up onto our paddle boat he finally could get up. We were about to go back when we noticed that his shoes had fallen off his feet and were floating in the water by the paddle, so I picked up the paddle and gave it to Saige while I held onto the kayak that was in the water right next to our paddle boat and Jackson had his slides that had been in the water and were luckily

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