DH Laurence Poems Essay

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DH Laurence Poems ‘Look We Have Come Through! The title of this section suggests a note of hope and faith in human resilience. How far is this reflected in the poems?’

The poems in this section are about the hardships of life and the problems that people have to face, yet there is an undertone of hope in them too, the problems may not be solved, but the poems show that there is a sense of faith in human resilience.
‘On the Balcony’ is about the relationship between a man and a woman and how they are what are important in an unpredictable inanimate world.

The first line is almost an oxymoron in itself describing the ‘sombre mountains’ next to ‘a faint lost ribbon of rainbow.’ The atmosphere through out the whole …show more content…

However, the tone changes slightly, as he says ‘what have we but each other?’ as Lawrence realises that ‘the boat has gone.’

The atmospheric conditions may represent the hardships that the couple had to go through in their relationship, and may also be used contrast the unpredictability of the outside world compared to the steady relationship that the couple have. ‘A Youth Mowing’ is also a poem about relationships, this time it is between a younger couple. The river ‘Isar’ is a symbol of freedom, it represents the way that the men’s lives are. However, this sense of liberty is broken by the ‘swish of the scythe-strokes’ as the girl takes ‘four sharp breaths.’ Sibilance is used to show that there is a sinister undertone to the freedom that the boy has which will be broken by the news that his girlfriend is bringing. She feels guilty for ‘what’s in store,’ as now the boy will have to be committed to spending the rest of his life with her, and paying the price for the fun that they had.

The entrapment is shown by the possessive way that the girl says, ‘I claim him once and for all.’ The boy is described as being ‘as proud as a deer…shoulder deep in corn.’ It’s as though Lawrence is saying that sex is nothing sinful in the animal world and that it is just a natural thing, but in the human world the voice of society sees it as being immoral, and that a man and

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