Personal Narrative: A Day At The People Of Lake Ontario

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“Woohoo!” I yelled as we past the CN tower. “This is AMAZING! I feel so… I dunno? FREE!” Adriana looked back at me as a broad smile grew on her face, replacing a concentrated look. “I’m thrilled you feel like that!” She praised as we weaved through the huge skyscrapers that the people of Toronto inhabited. Oh god, how I could get use to this. The gusts of wind flowing through my snow white hair and the rushes of air hitting my rose tinted cheeks. This was the best feeling in the world. I looked over at Adriana, wondering what exactly she is. She has these almost transparent wings and small but slightly pointed ears. This girl was definitely looked like she walked right out of Disney movie. You know, like right out of Tinkerbell or something like that. She would fit…show more content…
Dooming it to fall into the deep waters of Lake Ontario. What am I supposed to DO! Go after it right?! Yeah! Adriana will catch me! Hopefully. Here I go! I'm so dumb. So dumb! SO DUMB! I'm falling so fast. Too fast! If I hit the water, I'm done for. Adriana please cat—oh look there's my suitcase. How do I go faster? Come on I'm almost there. Come ooooooon. YES! Got it. Great, but I'm still falling. And I'm falling even faster now that I have this stupid thing. I'm so SCREWED! Hmmm, I guess falling isn't too bad. You know except for the whole death thing. I've lived a long life. Almost thirteen years. Yeaaaah, who am I kidding. This is TERRIFYING! I might as well close my eyes and wait for death to take me. Death is taking her sweet time about it. We couldn't have been this high. Ow! What's the heck is holding so tightly on my ankle. Holy crap that hurts! What could be holding so tight—oh wait. I'm not falling anymore. "Adriana! My saviour! You don't know how happy I am to see y—" "Save it." “How dumb could you possibly get?!” “OH! I could get so much more dumber.” “Don’t sass me like that young
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