Personal Narrative: Back To Michigan

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Back To Michigan It was a sunday in August, I woke up so happy . It would be my first time out of Michigan. I was going with my big sister, my best friend and two other friends. When I say I was happy I was happier then than a baby when you give it chocolate for the first time. I said my goodbyes to my mom and I was off. We were at the checkpoint so that we could get on the bus.It was crowed and it was hot because the sun was out. It did not make it any better because the line was as long , like a giraffe's neck. We finally got checked in and took our seats on the bus. Then we hit the highway. People were yelling and laughing .We heard HONK ,HONK, BEEP, BEEP, from the cars the next 4 hours. When we finally got off the bus it felt like we
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