Personal Narrative: A Positive Paradigm Shift

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I have recently gone through a positive paradigm shift about my race. A paradigm is something that you believe is true, and a paradigm shift is when you change that belief on a topic. Both of these can be positive or negative. When I was younger, I was never proud of my Asian background, and usually embraced my Italian side. One reason was probably because there were few Asians around where I lived or at my school. Many students at my elementary school thought traditional Asian food and culture was bizarre, so I agreed with them, although I didn’t on the inside. School most likely had the biggest impact on my negative paradigm about me and my race. I would always be aggravated when people were not convinced I was half Italian; that is probably why I wanted to be “less” Chinese and more Italian. When I would bring Asian food or snacks, students would usually find it out of the ordinary and stay away from it. They did not know what they were missing. I still remember in elementary school in one class where we watched a video on Chinese New Year; I can still feel the people staring at me. Most of the student were baffled over Chinese traditions and constantly asked me why we would do that, or something along the lines …show more content…

If they need a person of ANY race they should not case a white person and just put make up on them. I have seen this done with many races. If there is an Asian in a show or a movie, they are usually the nerd friend or the side kid accompanying the main character. Like in the video we watched in class is an example of what I mean. The girl went through a paradigm shift when she found someone she related to in the media with the Oprah seal of approval. Although there were Asians in American media, I could never really relate to any of them. Even now there are not many Asians in American media, but it somewhat got

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