Personal Narrative : A Story-A Short Story

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It wasn’t all bad growing up in Issaquena, Mississippi. We were all together as one family, living under a single roof that barely provided protection from the outside predators. Growing up with a mother, a father, a sister, and a brother was everything I ever wanted as child, but who would have thought that I’d lose everything so quickly. Each and every day, I slaved away for some bitter master. Each and every day, I’d wake up to the sounds of roosters and men marching. Most of all, I wanted to escape that land and environment and I wanted to be liberated from the war. Torture filled up my childhood in ways that were unimaginable.

I was sweating. I was shouting and crying while looking at Mother. There was nothing around me besides fire; fire scorching hotter than the sun during the summers. Men with masks as dark as the midnight sky circled me and Mother with gleaming knives in their bloody hands. It all felt chaotic. I was pushed to my knees by men behind me, and a second later, Mother began taking steps towards me. I panicked and screamed, “ Mother, help me, Please help!”. She only nodded. Why wasn’t she protecting me? Why hadn’t she been trying to liberate me? Slowly, Mother walked closer to me, and from behind her dress, she intensely pulled out a gun. I could feel my eyes growing bigger and my mouth gasping with confusion.. Mother came closer. “What are you doing Mother? Why do you have a gun? You’re scaring me”. Mother explained, “Hush my child. It will all be
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