Personal Narrative: A Walk Into The Classroom

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It was the first day of kindergarten and I remember walking into the classroom feeling like an alien who had disembarked from a spaceship. My mom introduced me in her broken English to the teacher. “Hi everyone, this is Anna Ramashkevich,” the teacher exclaimed. The class erupted into laughter. “Richmanivich, Ramach…” she stuttered, trying to correct herself before accepting defeat and sending me utterly humiliated with my alien-green head and antennas to the ground into a crowd of mocking kindergarteners. In actuality, the spaceship was just an airplane; the foreign planet was Belarus and I wasn’t really a slimy, green alien. But that does not mean I did not feel like one. From the first day, I stood out like a sore thumb. I was the immigrant girl. At the time, I was sure the mocking kindergartners would be my greatest…show more content…
While I thrived on this new planet, my single mother fell victim to her inner anxieties and I was inevitably forced to take on her parental role. That job meant anything from translating at the grocery store to helping her fill out job applications followed by comforting her after being fired. Trying to juggle my mom’s problems and my own at twelve years old was brutal; I couldn’t help but silently resent my friends and their nuclear, untroubled American families. My childhood as an immigrant with a single mom has been my greatest challenge. Trying to learn acceptance has been my greatest challenge. And to be honest, I am still battling. I will continue to battle. I will never be the girl with the typical American family, but I think that’s for the best. I see now that had everything been easy, I may not have found the same motivation that allowed me to excel academically, nor would I have set my sights on a college education. Most importantly, without my struggles, I would not have learned to love the quirky girl who speaks English at school, Russian at home and eats pizza with a side of Kasha for
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