Personal Narrative: AP World History

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The biggest failure I experienced was back during my Sophomore year. The hardest class in the high school was AP World History in which the requirements were hours of homework a night. Many people tried to convince me not to take the course due to the fact that it is considered the hardest class in the high school. My mom tried her hardest to try and persuade me to take a different class but I felt that it was a requirement for me to take it to prove to the colleges that I was up for the task and that I was prepared to do the work necessary to succeed in college. The course required reading a whole chapter in the text book in three days and take a quiz to prove that we read and understood the topics. This is where I struggled the most because memorizing the chapters and the major topics was very difficult unlike others who could recited the…show more content…
Everyone who doubted me had to state that they told me not to take it but I felt accomplished that I took the hardest class provided in my high school. It was depressing that I didn’t pass the AP exam but when next year came I took AP Environmental science which was the same concept as AP World in which is all based on note taking and quizzes that relied on the notes you take from the textbook. I felt that AP World History had a major impact on this class because I was taking notes every night studying for the test. I ended up doing really well in AP Environmental science and passing the AP exam with a 4. After I took the exam I started to look back and realize how much AP World helped me succeed. Although I didn’t pass the exam for AP World I felt like all the hard work and dedication carried over to AP Environmental Science which made me realize that all those people who told me not to take the class were only trying to bring me down because it ended up helping me be a better student and leading me to be better prepared for the
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