Personal Narrative: An Air Compressor Chose My Life

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An Air Compressor Chose My Life Path As I kicked and screamed, my mother pulled me off a stationary, motorized air compressor at the very young age of two. This is where my parents looked at each other and confirmed their hopes of where my life was going: a steadfast devotion to motorsports. Not long after I started to walk, I was drawn to the hum of a motor. One thing that has set me apart from people I grew up with is my passion for motocross. Unlike many others, I have not chosen the path of team sports. Instead, following in my father's footsteps, I was guided to embrace the motocross life, though it took little prodding from my parents, since I’ve loved every aspect of the sport for as long as I can remember. As I come closer to adulthood, I look back on how I have changed for the better because of the relationships I have created through the lifestyle I have lived. The experiences of hardship, family bonding, and being independent have …show more content…

Learning that even my toughest competitors were still like family, gave me the knowledge to respect everyone and accept everyone as the person the are. I have won many times, but have also felt overwhelming defeat. With either outcome, I have treated my competitors and sponsors with the same respect, with a smile on my face, everytime I cross the finish line.
While my classmates sign up for their seasonal team sport, I line up on my own at the starting line. As much as motocross is a team and family effort, it all comes down to the individual rider. There is no one to rely on during a race. Performance is all me and about my ability to react quickly and correctly. Being independent carries off the track, into my real world personality. I am one to efficiently figure things out on my own with trial and error. On and off the track, I am able to recognize a situation or problem and adapt to it on my

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