Personal Narrative: An Origin Story

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theFiascoProject: An Origin Story At the beginning of second semester during my sophomore year, Eva approached me about some lyrics she had written. “I wrote a lot over break,” she said, shoving her hands in the pockets of her jeans and looking down at her SHOE. “I know you’re a music person, do you think we could work on this sometime?” We had met in art class earlier that year, where we quickly learned that we had more in common than we had initially thought. A friend of a friend, we ended up at the same table and spent every day bonding over the frustrations of sculpture and, more importantly, our similar tastes in music. Immediately intrigued and ecstatic at the thought of working with someone on music, I agreed. After chemistry class…show more content…
We poured all of our heart, soul, and energy into our music, arranging and writing until one or both of us had to go home and back to reality. The work didn’t just stop when we left; she would write lyrics at night and show them to me the next day, and in my free time I would write music parts and text her audio snippets out of the blue. This band had become our first priority. Occasionally, our friends would come sit in on our rehearsals to hear what we’d been working on, and one of them eventually told us that we should play at Pioneerpalooza, the annual talent show at U-High. That was our new goal--to have three performance ready songs by the time the show rolled around in April. We chose our three best songs and focused all of our attention on them, putting any and all other musical endeavors on the back burner until after the show. Two of our friends, Jordyn and Stephanie, also agreed to play with us at the show and add a bit more depth to our performance. We were putting together a solid little mini-set, and things were going…show more content…
I’m not a very dynamic performer, never have been, and I began to think that maybe the talent show in front of a bunch of people might not be the best place to work on that. It was also unheard of to be performing exclusively originals. There were two other bands that night who did an original or two, but they balanced it out with covers of popular songs as well. We were proud of the songs and I loved Eva’s writing, but would everyone else? I stressed over these thoughts in the days leading up to the show, unsure of how everything would
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