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I met Coleton at the Samwell Restaurant and bar, a small, intimate restaurant a few blocks from the court house. I stopped one night for drinks with my girlfriend Aisha. She and I have been friends for a few years. How I met her is a story in itself. But this night, Aisha told me that there was a man sitting at the end of the bar and he was smiling at her but looking at me. Finally, he sent a couple of Margaritas to us. The bartender told us that the man at the end of the bar was Coleton and he had sent the drinks to us. Aisha and I both smiled and raised our drinks to thank him. She and I continued to talk, but every now and then I would catch him looking at me. He got up to leave and then walked over to say a formal hello to us. He said, “Ladies, you look beautiful tonight.” Of course, we said, “Thank You” and he went on his way. But to my surprise, he gave the bartender, John a business card and told him to …show more content…

All that talk about how nice we both look was just polite chatter. He has his eyes on you.” I told Aisha that I was too busy with work to be worried about dating and she said, “Right!” I held onto the card for a few days and I was going to toss it but something told me to phone the number. I called and as they say, “the rest is history.” Since then, we talk several times a day and I am deeply in Love with Coleton Morris. Coleton isn’t married but he does have a girlfriend who he adores. He is always talking about how she takes care of business and he told me about the way they met. I pretended to be interested but I really didn’t care how he met her. It really didn’t matter to me. He also volunteered that his girlfriend has two young sons from a prior marriage. For the life of me, I can’t understand how a man can be in love with two women but I know Coleton loves his girlfriend Diana, but that doesn’t bother me because when we get together he shows me he loves me in every

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