Personal Narrative: Childhood Obesity

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I will never forget the words a guy named Johnny said to me when I decided to take the initiative to alter my entire life. Johnny, who I barely knew up to this point of my junior year of high school, approached me and in a hallway packed with students, told me I was fat as hell. I will most certainly never forget the faces of the bastards laughing hysterically as he continued his tirade. “Worthless… shitty…. bastard…. POS” (just to name a few). While some kids expressed concern and asked if I was okay, even though I know they didn’t mean it, most others just jovially agreed with him, not caring how it made me feel. Some even joined in the assault. Honestly, I wanted to punch him in his face right then and there.
Weight has always been an issue for my family. My mom, dad, brother, grandmothers, and grandfathers are all overweight. It was just a normality for the Malcom (and Kerr) families to be overweight; therefore, I never even considered my weight a problem. If I didn’t think my weight was a problem, then I most certainly did not think
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It was probably one of the worst times of my life. Going to school, seeing him and everyone that had laughed at me, hurt more and more every single day. News spread like wildfire through the school, and mostly everyone at the school had heard what happened within two days. There was a point where I couldn’t take it anymore; I wanted it all to end, the pain, the laughs, etc. I just did not want to go on anymore.
Something snapped within me because I got an internal fire to prove them all fucking wrong. I wanted to hit the gym, lose the weight and get completely jacked. My primary objective was to lose my weight and punch the man Johnny square in his face by the end of senior year. Unfortunately, I got injured my first day in the gym. Stupidly, I tried to run as fast as I could on the treadmill, took a wrong step, went flying off the back, and the impact of the fall broke my right
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