Personal Narrative: Cocky 13 Year Old Player

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As i laced up my revs , I thought about how bad I wanted to win this game. how bad I want to beat that cocky 13-year old player, one that thought he was better than anyone in the gym at all times. my team wasn't the best this year, because we didn't have a good coach. but he wasn't going to get in the way of us winning this game. With my mind bottling up with nerves I had no choice but to think about how to help shutdown Jose cocky Ramirez, for our team will end up losing, if we don't. as the gym loaded up with parents from my team and Jose's seeing hoopstarz of South Bend, we got until lines of 5 on the court. I got the rebound for Griff then got into the shooting line. After watching Sean splash a three from downtown, it was my turn.
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