Personal Narrative-Coloring Analysis

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Me coloring when I was four helped me solve and understand my own advanced biometrics into who I am today. Totally bantering.
Growing up was not the best, but it was not the worst either. I guess I could say that I was overall content with the environment I was raised in, although there were some difficult times that I wish had not happened, but I would not change a thing because all those obstacles made me become strong both mentally and physically, independent, and ambitious.
I lived in a small trailer home with my mom, dad, older brother and younger brother. I loved that little trailer, even if it was not the best, I still called it home. Even though I loved that place, there were times when I noticed that my parents would struggle financially and they wanted us to have more than a little home, they wanted the best for us. There were also personal difficult obstacles we had to overcome as a family. As a result, my mom went back into college to study for a Registered Nurse. I didn’t spend as much time with my mom as one child wishes they could, but I knew she was working lots of hours and going to class just to be able to give us the life she thought we deserved. The same applies for my dad, I knew he would come home from work in pain, exhausted, but he was doing it all for his kids. As I was growing up and noticing these things about them, I began to admire them and loved how
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I see myself as strong both mentally and physically because through every obstacle I faced, my parents always told me to keep my head up and that pain is only temporary. Seeing that my mom was able to get through college without help from her family and be able to support herself made me admire that aspect of her and realize that I don’t need to depend on anyone to be successful. Lastly, ambitious because if you ever want to get anything in life, you have to work hard for it and earn
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