Personal Narrative : ' Cynic, N.

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“CYNIC, n. A blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be” (Bierce 1906).

It was 11:38 AM on a Sunday, the 29th day of November. My mother told me she was in trance during the whole 38 hours of labor, and though it was one of the most excruciating pains of her life, she said, “Something special came from it.” I wish I had more knowledge of the day I was born, but after my mother’s horrific car accident in 2010, she forgot most of the previous lifetime events leading up to that day. My mother, Daphne, is 9 years older than my father, and she is a beautiful, light-skinned young woman, 5’9 and slim, with long, black hair. She met my father during my eldest sister’s first day of school. My sister, …show more content…

On the weekends, or during winter and summer break, I would frequently visit either my grandmother or my father. My grandmother is whom I consider to be my second mother. She is the sweetest lady, her hair was burgundy, cut into a flowy bob, and she had a million moles. Every time I went to visit, she would pamper me and treat me like a princess. Sometimes my father would pick me up from her house. He lived in a big and brown mansion in Long Beach. Every time I went to visit him I had a lot of fun; not only because we barely spent time together, but because my step brother and I would go on “adventures” around the house. Since my father lived with several people, from who-knows-where, my step-brother and I would team up with the other children who lived with us and go ghost-hunting. We were all abundantly creative so our adolescence felt more like an extensive action movie. Excluding all the adventurous activities with my family-friends, I often spent a lot of time making new friends in grade school.
Education is the most important facet for me to my parents. My father, mother, and grandmother unfailingly went to the full extent to ensure that I had the best schooling. I began school early, at two-years-old, and I never felt as smart as my instructors stated I was. I never felt as if I fit in. I began middle school and changed my bad habits from elementary school into good habits. I expressed myself in

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