Personal Narrative: Delta Air

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Yingjie Huang (Charlotte)
Every year I came to American I choose Delta Airline. Because of the excellent meal specials, like the palatable noodle with tomato chicken, or veggies luscious salmon with pasta. After the heavenly staple food, they also have the mouthwatering desserts such as Brownie cookies. Last but not least, they provide the Starbucks coffee and multiple wines.
But this time, compare with Delta Airline’s enticing food, Canada Airline’s cheaper fares double is my preference.
But there's no such thing as a free lunch, this flying trip took me 15 more hours from China to Toronto, made me so tired and really boring. Watching the movies and painting the "Secret Garden" —— an interest and interactive coloring book features delicate
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When I stood at the luggage area, I saw passengers all found their luggage, after 20 minutes, I am the only one left and looked unassisted. I realized that Air Canada lost my luggage. I was so frustrated and don't know what to say. The Lost And Found stuff says: "Mrs. Huang, could you please fill out this information and your address. When we found your luggage, we will mail to your address." "Ok, thank you so much." I said nicely. So I just fill out the official form about my information and my address. And I thought: "Oh at least the most things on my luggage is Chinese snakes, it's not that necessary. But hope they had better find it and mail as soon as possible."
After this little trip drama, everything goes normal. Because tomorrow is another day. I do the busy school work stuff, such as do homework, go to the gym. I almost forgot this problem.
After a few days when I back from school, I just saw a giant box in front of my door, and I was thinking that: "What did my crazy roommate buy?" I ask my roommate: "Hey, affluent girl, the school term just began the first week, what did you buy?" And she looks perplexed and said: "Well, I didn't buy anything. Maybe is your luggage, let's check it out." And then we open that package with the expectant eyes, and when I saw my luggage just stand here. I was so excited and scream: "I finally got my
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