Swot Analysis of Delta Airlines

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SWOT analysis Strength 1. Innovation: * “Track check bags” 2. Market share leadership 3. Strong management team 4. Strong brand equity 5. Flights are usually on time 6. The merger and acquisition | Weakness * The number of cancelling flights is a little high * The customer service is bad because in some occasion the customer can’t found the delta representative in the airport. * Lack of online presence * In some aircrafts the seats are uncomfortable and narrow | Opportunities * Emerging markets and expansion abroad * Product and services expansion * Development of new technologies and the web | Threats * Competition * Economic slowdown and crises * External changes * Lower cost…show more content…
6. Oil price growth * Oil price increase every years which is one of the major cost of the company 7. Terrorism http://www.airlinequality.com/Product/Yseat-DL.htm http://news.delta.com/index.php?s=18&item=88 http://dealbook.on.nytimes.com/Public/Deals?symbol=DAL https://www.worldagentdirect.com/deltaair/products/index.do

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