Personal Narrative: Division Leader

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I had been working for a children’s summer camp for three years, I had been supervised by the same manager for two years. On my third year working there in the summer, there was a new manager for the camp and I received a higher position, Division Leader. One of my responsibilities was dealing with children, parents and staff conflicts. During my third year, when my new manager, Jason came in, he also brought some of his old staff with him. During our training, there was one staff member that got my attention, Joseph who was a previous staff member of Jason. He was a very outspoken and enjoyed being a leader of activities. When I recieved my list of staff members, I noticed that he was on my list as a regular counselor. When I announced that he would be a regular counselor…show more content…
Dance is located in the mezzanine that we had, however at that particular time campers were rehearsing for the talent show. I had told Joseph’s group and the others to go into an available room and do a group game with them. Joseph had refused to move all of the groups into that particular room because there wasn't enough space for all of the kids and that they didn’t want to do group games. I told that the room was a big enough space for the kids and if they didn’t want to go a group game, then they could do another activity such as arts and crafts. He became very angry because he didn’t understand my logic about moving the kids. I became frustrated because I believed that the conflict was becoming bigger than intended. My assistant, Theresa who knew Joseph very well, told him to go to the room and he listened to her. I felt that the problem wasn’t solved because Joseph was listening to Theresa more than me. I told my manager of the situation that occurred and he took Joseph and I to discuss the matter. My manager had told him that I should deserve respect because I am the one who is in charge of
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