Personal Narrative Essay: My Family Trip To Nashville, Tennessee

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This year’s family vacation was one for the books. With my aunt living in Tennessee, we do not get together as often as we would like so my family decided to go to Nashville, Tennessee. When we started our trip, it was 6 a.m. and it was nothing short of fun and laughter along the way. Never having been to Tennessee before, I figured I’d enjoy the eight-hour ride of sight-seeing and laughter with my family. When we were a few miles into the trip, the mountains of Georgia were breathtaking. While I was enjoying the scenery, another thing that I found enjoyable about this trip was the conversation that I had with my family. We went on talking about life in general, all the struggles, and childhood memories that we had. We even talked about years …show more content…

We also had the chance to do some shopping before leaving and to me, that was the highlight of my trip. The Nashville mall was so big it man little Augusta, Ga mall look like a broom closet. In the mall I stopped at a shoe store, where I bought some sandals I had been wanting for the longest but could never find in the mall at home. The trip was very rewarding to me because I got a chance to spend quality time with a part of my family that I only get the chance to see during the Holidays. The trip brought a lifetime of memories that I will never forget. We ended our trip with a birthday celebration for my two nieces whose birthdays were a few days apart. The colorful pink party for the girls included; crown shaped cake, ice-cream, and lots of smiles from the two birthday girls. Furthermore, the three-day trip was over and it was back to the hotel to pack for the drive home. The drive home needless to say was not very exciting. I would have loved to stay in Nashville visiting my aunt for a few more days I was happy to be home. My family does not get together that often, we are a happy family but we also have our differences like any other

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