Personal Narrative Essay : My First Day In Hawaii

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My first day in hawaii

It was an early morning in antioch california where I was vast asleep at my grandma’s house. Until my father suddenly woke me up and said “we have to go” and that's how it all started. So I got up and got dressed, ate little bit of cereal and hopped outside with my bags. “Oh my god” I said as loud as I could without waking anyone up around us. There it was A LIMO FOR ME I almost fainted until grandma said “this is just the beginning. We got in the limo and started our adventure. About a 2 hour nap later we arrived at the SFO airport around 8am. I got my bags and said goodbye to our amazing driver, then walked right through those electric airport doors with the biggest smile ever.

We went through security and got our tickets when my dad handed me my ticket I got so happy. I just couldn't stop thinking about what it is like to fly. Over and over in my head I repeated “I can't wait”, “I can't wait” just waiting for them to call our flight. Then It happened a nice lady said “Who’s going to Hawaii” , so I jumped up and replied “I AM!”. We gave her our tickets and walked on the plane, once everyone got on the plane the pilot called my family and I up to the cockpit he said “are you Jakob” looking straight at me so replied with a nervous ”yes” thinking I was in trouble. He said “good I have a surprise for you, here's our flight path and can I tell the plane what you have been through?” I said it was ok so he took a walkie talkie thing and said “we have a

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